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Our values

What is important to us:

We value . . .

We are . . .

We do this by . . . .


An organisation that works collaboratively

  • Acting professionally at all times
  • Being honest in our dealings with others
  • Ensuring fairness and equity in the way we work
  • Showing respect for colleagues, councils and members of the community
  • Valuing diversity within our organisation and the wider community
  • Empowering everyone in our organisation to play a leadership role


An organisation that works collaboratively

  • Valuing our relationships within the local government sector and across government
  • Upholding the principles of the Inter-Governmental Agreement
  • Being prepared to listen, learn and be inclusive in our decision making
  • Working in partnership with others to build positive solutions


A strong and sustainable organisation

  • Being flexible, open to change and willing to adapt
  • Embracing new ideas and technologies
  • Approaching our goals with persistence
  • Finding new ways to meet challenges
  • Managing our resources wisely


An organisation that achieves results that make a positive difference in people’s lives.

  • Focusing on doing things better and achieving a positive impact
  • Showing initiative and innovation
  • Measuring our success and reflecting on what we have achieved
  • Taking responsibility for our decisions and actions
  • Being clear in our direction and having a shared commitment to achieving our vision
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