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Policy and Sector Development Group

The group’s primary focus is on the whole of the sector with a concentration on policy, frameworks, programs and education that will strengthen the local government sector. The group brings a strategic focus to its activities and takes a strong collaborative approach in its work with the sector. The group is the key driver of the Destination 2036 initiative and responding to the Independent Local Government Review Panel.

The innovation team generates, develops, implements and evaluates innovative policies and initiatives that strengthen the local government sector, including policies and initatives from across State government.

The development team is responsible for program development, implementation and evaluation of programs to build the capacity of local government. Through facilitating best practice sharing, establishing practitioner networks, facilitating workshops and other forms of peer-based learning, the team seeks to build capacity and promote better practice in integrated planning and reporting, finance and asset management and regulatory services (swimming pools and companion animals).

The council governance team promotes and supports ongoing improvement in council governance practices (defined as the internal governance functions of council) through the development and implementation of governance frameworks and through facilitating best practice, networking and learning.

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