09-39 Tendering Guidelines for NSW Local Government

Following consultation with the local government sector, the Division of Local Government, Department of Premier and Cabinet has developed the Tendering Guidelines for NSW Local Government.

09-36 – Release of revised councillor expenses and facilities guidelines

The purpose of this circular is to advise councils of the release of revised Guidelines for the payment of expenses and the provision of facilities for mayors and councillors in NSW.

09-21 Revised Borrowing Order

The Minister for Local Government has issued a revised Borrowing Order pursuant to section 624 of the Local Government Act 1993. The revised Order replaces the Order dated 27 September 1993. The revised Order, which is attached to this circular, retains the limitation on councils to borrow only in Australia and in Australian currency. All other limitations or restrictions have been removed.

09-25 – Land Under Roads

The Department has now determined that in accordance with AASB 1051 Land Under Roads, a council may elect to recognise or not to recognise as an asset land under roads acquired before 1 July 2008. Land under roads acquired after that date is accounted for under AASB 116.

09-11 Local Government Filming Protocol

The purpose of this Circular is to advise councils of the release of the revised Local Government Filming Protocol (the Protocol).

08-66 – Guidelines for fireworks events

Councils are advised that ‘Guidelines for Council when Notification of a Fireworks Event is Received’ have been developed by WorkCover and the Local Government and Shires Associations to provide councils with a standard framework when deciding whether to object to WorkCover in regard to a firework display of which council has received a notification.

11-08 Collaborative Arrangements between Councils – Survey Report

In January 2010, the Division of Local Government, Department of Premier and Cabinet issued a survey to all councils and council managed collaborative arrangements to update its database. The Division also sought to obtain councils’ views on factors supporting collaborative arrangements as a means of meeting community needs.

08-27 – Stormwater Harvesting And Reuse

The NSW Government supports stormwater harvesting and reuse schemes that effectively manage health and environmental risks. The purpose of this Circular is to highlight the benefits of stormwater harvesting and the importance of managing health and environmental risks from stormwater harvesting schemes.

08-07 – Valuation Of Property, Plant & Equipment At Fair Value

In preparing and planning for this process, several questions have arisen in relation to the fair value of these asset classes. This circular proposes to address these issues for councils.

07-49 – Criteria For Applications Under Section 358 Of The Local Government Act 1993 – Formation Of Corporations Or Other Entities

This circular is to replace Circular No. 56 of 2006. An additional fourth administrative criteria for assessing applications has now been adopted. Section 358 of the Local Government Act 1993 restricts councils in forming or participating in the formation of a corporation or other entity without first obtaining the consent of the Minister for Local Government. This restriction also extends to acquiring a controlling interest in a corporation or other entity.