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Due Date Title Category
30 Apr 2019 Fourth quarter rates instalment notice to be sent (s.562). Finance
30 Apr 2019 Public bodies to provide Council with a list of parcels of land to which rate rebate applies (s.600) Finance
01 May 2019 LIRS portal opens for claims, for the month Finance
16 May 2019 Expected fourth instalment of 2018-19 Financial Assistance Grants. Finance
31 May 2019 Requests to Valuer General for estimates of changes in value of land for supplementary valuations (s.513). Finance
31 May 2019 Fourth quarterly rates instalment due (s.562). Finance
31 May 2019 Last day for RAO to submit QBRS review to Council (LGGR cl.203(1)). Finance
30 Jun 2019 Objections to the inclusion of land to be vested in public bodies lodged (s.600(6)) Finance
30 Jun 2019 Valuer General to provide increase /decrease in values of rateable land (s.513(2)). Finance
30 Jun 2019 Delivery Program Progress reports provided to Council at least every 6 months (s.404(5)). Governance


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