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General, non-date specific, compliance and reporting

For all other General, non-date specific, compliance and reporting activities, please see the following categories:


Companion Animals

  • All registration fees receipted during the month must be entered onto the Companion Animals Register in that month. Registration fees must be remitted to the OLG as detailed on monthly invoices issued by OLG.

  • Councils are required to report any dog attacks they are made aware of to the OLG within 72 hours of being notified via the Companion Animal Register.



  • Training plan required under Local Government (State) Award following consultation with the Consultative committee. Actions arising from it should be included in Workforce Management Strategy and Delivery Program/Operational Plan, as appropriate.

  • Review of General Manager's and other Senior Staff performance; undertake contract renewal process subject to the terms of the relevant contract/s.(s339).



  • Elections: Requirements within 12 months after the elections: Amend Local Policy (s.165(4)); Re-determine Organisation Structure (s.333); Review delegations (s.380); Review Council adopted Code of Conduct (s.440(7))

  • Elections: Councils administering their own elections – General Manager is to provide written report setting out the details of the election to the Minister for Local Government (Cl 393A LGGR)

  • Local Government Directory - Councils should notify the OLG of any senior staff or address changes via email to enable updating of the directory - email: .

  • Policy on payment of expenses and provisions of facilities for Mayors & Councillors to be sent to OLG 28 days after adoption (s.253(4)).

  • Council must review its publication guide in relation to the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 and adopt a new publication guide at intervals of not more than 12 months; An agency may update and amend its publication guide at any time.

  • Council Circulars are emailed to Council. Please advise the OLG of any change of Council email address. Council Circulars can be downloaded from the OLG webpage: .

  • For new councils, some dates may have changed by Proclamation.


All sections refer to the Local Government Act 1993 unless stated otherwise.

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