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Due Date Title Category
31 Oct 2018 Audited Financial Statements & FDR to be lodged with OLG (s.417(5)). Finance
31 Oct 2018 Second quarter rates instalment notice to be sent (s.562). Finance
01 Nov 2018 LIRS portal opens for claims, for the month Finance
20 Nov 2018 Expected second instalment of 2018-19 Financial Assistance Grants Finance
28 Nov 2018 Last day for notice for presentation of audited Financial Reports (s.418(2)). Finance
30 Nov 2018 Last day for RAO to submit QBRS review to Council (LGGR cl.203(1)). Finance
30 Nov 2018 Electronic lodgement of Grants Commission General Data Return Finance
30 Nov 2018 Second quarter rates instalment due (s.562). Finance
30 Nov 2018 Notify Minister (via OLG) that Annual Report has been posted on Council's website (s.428) – Must include GIPA and PID annual reporting information. Governance
05 Dec 2018 Last day for audited financial statements to be presented to the public. Finance


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