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Control measures for restricted dogs

If you are the owner of a restricted dog, you must ensure that:

  • your dog is microchipped and lifetime registered
  • your dog is desexed (or permanently sterilised)
  • your dog is contained in an enclosure that complies with the requirements of clause 24 of the Companion Animals Regulation 2008 when on the premises where normally kept (you must also obtain a certificate of compliance from your local council, certifying that the enclosure meets the regulatory requirements)
  • your dog wears a muzzle and is securely leashed at all times when outside the enclosure
  • your dog wears a prescribed collar at all times
  • you prominently display dangerous dog warning signs on the premises where your dog is normally kept
  • your dog is not left at any time in the sole charge of a person under 18 years of age
  • you notify the local council of the area in which your dog is ordinarily kept if:
    • your dog has attacked or injured a person or animal (other than vermin) with or without provocation (must notify within 24 hours of the attack or injury). It is also an offence under the Companion Animals Act 1998 to encourage a dog to attack a person or an animal
    • your dog cannot be found (must notify within 24 hours of your dog's absence first being noticed)
    • your dog has died (must notify as soon as practicable after the dog's death)
    • your dog will no longer be ordinarily kept in the same council area
    • your dog will ordinarily be kept at a different location in the same council area
  • you do not breed from, or advertise as available for breeding, your dog prior to desexing
  • you do not transfer ownership of your dog. It is also an offence for someone to accept ownership of a restricted dog
  • you do not sell (sell includes giving away) your dog or advertise it for sale.

If you fail to comply with these requirements, you may be liable for large fines or imprisonment and your dog may be seized and destroyed.

For more information on these control requirements contact your local council.

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