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Creating Stronger Councils

Stronger councils

Twenty new councils created in 2016 are powering ahead and exceeding expectations, injecting $8.6 billion into the NSW economy in one year through approved DAs alone.

While it is premature to assess the performance of these new councils, early indications are positive, showing they have made over $50 million in savings to date.

These savings are funding improved services for residents and ratepayers.

Simple operational and organisational changes at new councils have made them more efficient and responsive, enabling them to provide better services and enhanced systems and processes to meet community needs.


Savings and service improvements have resulted from:

  • Reducing unnecessary duplication
  • Streamlining and aligning contracts and using increased purchasing power to negotiate better deals for ratepayers
  • Consolidating systems, insurance policies and processes so more money can be directed to frontline services.


Further benefits include:

  • Enhanced service delivery and infrastructure
  • Fairer representation through more evenly distributed councillor and population ratios.


The following new councils were created in 2016:

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