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Exemptions from the microchipping and lifetime-registration requirement for cats and dogs in NSW

If you own a cat born before 1 July 1999 and ownership has not changed, a working dog used for tending stock on a rural property or a greyhound currently registered under the Greyhound Racing Act 2009, you do not need to have it microchipped or registered with your local council. However, it is recommended that you have your cat or dog microchipped for its protection.

Assistance animals must be microchipped and lifetime-registered but there is no registration fee payable.

If action has been taken against you regarding the behaviour of your cat or dog under the Companion Animals Act 1998, any applicable exemption is lost and your cat or dog must be microchipped and registered.

A nuisance cat or dog, a restricted dog and a declared dangerous or menacing dog, including a working dog that has been declared a dangerous dog, must be microchipped and registered.

Any cat or dog not otherwise required to be microchipped or registered that is taken into the custody of a council pound or animal welfare organisation must be microchipped and registered before being returned to its owner (even if it is less than six months old).

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