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Exhibits – Auburn Public Inquiry


Exhibit Reference




Bundle of documents referred to in Opening by Counsel Assisting.


Statement of Tim Hurst dated 18 May 2016, together with submission dated 1 April 2016 and supplementary submission dated 16 May 2016 and supporting documents.


Statement of Viv May dated 17 May 2016.


Statement of Monica Cologna dated 27 May 2016.


Statement of Jason Mooney dated 18 May 2016.


Statement of Diana Laing dated 25 May 2016.


Statement of Emma Laing dated 17 May 2016.


Statement of Mateus Soares dated 20 May 2016.


Statement of Stephanie Griffiths (signed 31 May 2016) and attachments.


Statement of Robert Honeyman dated 18 May 2016 and Agreement dated 27 September 2013 between Auburn Council and Peter Fitzgerald.


Statement of Irene Simms dated 23 May 2016 and General Manager’s Performance Review Committee Meeting 6 August 2014 and Extraordinary Meeting 6 August 2014.


Statement of Edward John Burgess




Supplementary Statement of Edward John Burgess dated 6 June 2016.



Statement of George Campbell dated 23 May 2016.


Statement of Le Lam dated 10 June 2016.


Statement of Tony Oldfield dated 27 May 2016.


Undated statement of Robert Lawrence.

S17 Statement of Jorge Alvares dated 10 June 2016.
S18 Statement of Michael Wearne dated 7 June 2016.
S19 Statement of Karl Okorn.
S20 Statement of Hamish McNulty.


Statement - Jason Mooney - Supplementary dated 11/08/16


Statement - Karl Okorn - Supplementary dated 17/08/16


Statement - Glenn Francis

GS 1

Grey Street Bundle.

GS 2

Auburn Employment Lands Strategy December 2015 and draft and final extracts marked with pink and yellow highlighter.

GS 3

Briefing Memorandum regarding Auburn Employment Lands Study 2015 dated 24 November 2015.


Berala Village Planning Proposal Bundle.


South Auburn Planning Proposal Bundle.


Marsden Street Bundle.


Water Street Bundle.


Station Road Bundle.


John Street Bundle


Transcript of evidence of Joseph Malouf given at Private Hearing on 11 May 2016.


Plans of 40-46 Station Street used in Private hearing of Mr Malouf.


Bundle of Council Minutes regarding various Planning Proposals commencing 17 April 2013.


Transcription of private hearing of Ned Attie – 9 June 2016.


Transcription of private hearing of Ronney Oueik – 9 June 2016.


Transcription of private hearing of Steve Yang – 9 June 2016.


Transcription of private hearing of Hicham Zraika – 10 June 2016.


Transcription of private hearing of Salim Mehajer – 10 June 2016.


Mr Francis private hearing trascript

Private hearing transcript of the evidence of John Hajje taken on 14 July 2016


Private hearing transcript of the evidence of Warren Jack taken on 14 July 2016


Section 96 Modification application re 6-14 Park Road Auburn dated 24 April 2014 together with extract of The Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Council 16 April 2014.

Gen 1

Declaration of Interest Form of Special Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest.

Gen 2

Various delegations to Council staff.

Gen 3

Maddocks Bundle.

Gen 4

Mr Oueik Parking Plan.

Gen 5

Memorandum of Mr Glenn Francis to Mr Burgess dated 23 August 2012.

Gen 6

Document signed by Cr Zraika and Cr Campbell and nomination form.

Gen 7

Letter from Juliet Curtin to Paul Bolster dated 8 June 2016 re evidence of Mr Viv May and attached minute of meeting of Council dated 2 March 2016

Gen 8

Bundle of Original Maps from February 2014 from Bowral Workshop regarding Berala Village.

Gen 9

Bundle of Mr Campbell’s confidential briefing papers for council meetings.

Gen 10

Emails between Mr Campbell and Mr Brisby commencing on 24 December 2015 and concluding on 14 January 2016.

Gen 11 Elise Crameri email to Fawaz Sankari dated 2 October 2015.
Gen 12 2013 Management Review V1- Possible Staff Movements
Gen 13 File notes on Organisational Review dated August 2013
Gen 14 Burgess performance reviews

Gen 15

Bundle of documents relating to 84 Auburn Road, Auburn

Gen 16

Letter from ICAC to Mr Jack 17 February 2016

Gen 17

Transcript of Local Court hearing involving Mr Jack dated 20 June 2016
Gen 18 Screenshot of Mr Attie’s phone of 6 Oct and article regarding Mr Mehajer of same date 
Gen 21 Tables showing voting by Councillors on Planning Proposals (Mr Oueik MFI) 

Gen 22

Political donations 

Gen 23

DP’s of CFMEU ownership in MS Precinct 

Gen 24

Handwritten note of Mr Campbell dated 15 March 2016 

Gen 25

Zraika phone records 
Gen 26

Bundle of Revisions of Report to Council on Berala Village Study for the Council Meeting on 16 July 2014, together with a  copy of the file provided by Ms Cologna from the Council’s Planning Department




Gen 27

Bundle of Revisions of Report to Council on South Auburn Planning Proposal for the Council Meeting on 15 April 2015, together with a copy of the file provided by Ms Cologna from the Council’s Planning Department




Gen 28

Combined Strata and Combined Real Estate

Gen 29

Contract for sale of 1A Henry Street 


Bundle of documents relating to Mr Warren Jack


Series of text messages from Mr Jack's phone (pages 3 to 9)
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