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Senior Staff Member – Metropolitan Council

Winner of the AwardNicole Magurren, Camden Council

Nicole is the Director, Planning and Environment at Camden Council – the fastest growing LGA in NSW. She has been integral to the delivery of the Business Improvement Plan and Organisational Framework across Council, which has seen a number of key improvement initiatives build high performance, and a contemporary and collaborative work culture.

Nicole has successfully instigated initiatives to develop strong professional relationships internally and with external industry members. This has included implementing a bi-yearly Developer and Home Builder Forum.

Nicole’s level-headedness and sensible, considered approach in hectic circumstances is inspiring to others. She brings strong personal and professional values and high level skills and experience to her Directorate, and is an excellent example across all of Council.

Nicole leads typically male-dominated work areas, including engineering, planning, building surveying and waste management. Nicole has mentored a group of talented female professionals within the Directorate, and is the only female member of Council’s Executive Team.

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