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Women in a Non-Traditional Role - Rural or Regional Council 2016

Joint Winner of the AwardDominique Judd, Tamworth Regional Council.

Dominique is one of six women in a team of 255 outdoor staff, and the only trades qualified woman in that team. Her role as an electrician within Council's water utility is highly specialised and bears little resemblance to your average electrician because of the highly technical nature of telemetry and computerised control.

On occasion her job can be dirty, difficult and dangerous, but at all times Dominique carries herself with confidence and grace. She came to council with limited specialised electrical experience having just completed her apprenticeship in a different field, but has demonstrated her ability to learn and adapt quickly.

Articulate and friendly, Dominique is a council spokesperson at careers expos, hosts school career forums, employee inductions and has also been a media spokesperson on Council’s desire to be the region’s employer of choice.

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