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Women in a Non-Traditional Role - Rural or Regional Council 2016

Joint Winner of the AwardSally Mullinger, Mid-Western Regional Council.

At Mid-Western Regional Council, Sally manages the works team of 92 employees. Under Sally's management and guidance the works team does an outstanding job in constructing and maintaining the Council’s 2,400 kilometre road network, 54 kilometres of pathways and 167 bridges.

Prior to Sally's employment with Council, the roads workforce was 100% male. Since she has come on board, Sally has been instrumental in ensuring that Council addresses the gender imbalance. The works team now includes female Roller Operators, Roads Labourers and a Works Engineer.

Sally also employed an additional female Engineer, who under Sally's guidance, has recently been promoted to the position of Assets Management Coordinator. Sally continues to explore opportunities to increase the female participation in her team.

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