Consultation on remote attendance by councillors at council meetings

Most councils have successfully implemented remote attendance by councillors at meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some councils have called for the option of remote attendance by councillors to be made available to them on an ongoing basis to encourage greater diversity of representation.

The Government agrees that allowing remote attendance by councillors at meetings may serve to remove some of the impediments that currently prevent underrepresented groups from serving on their local councils including women.

The Government is seeking the views of councils and others on proposed amendments to the Model Code of Meeting Practice for Local Councils in NSW to include non-mandatory provisions that allow councils to permit councillors to attend council and committee meetings remotely by audio-visual link in certain circumstances.

The proposed amendments are set out in the consultation paper below.

Submissions may be made to, labelled ‘Remote attendance at council and committee meetings’ and marked to the attention of the Office of Local Government’s Council Governance Team.

Submissions should be made before COB 3 May 2021.