Senior Staff Employment – Discussion Paper

Senior Staff Employment – Discussion Paper

In response to the findings and recommendations of the Independent Commission Against Corruption arising from its investigation of the former Canterbury City Council (Operation Dasha), the parties to the Local Government (State) Award, have requested the Government to amend the Local Government Act 1993 to remove the ability for councils to determine positions in their organisation structure to be “senior staff positions”.

Under the current provisions of the Act, the holders of positions determined by councils to be “senior staff positions” must be employed using standard contracts of between 1–5 years duration.

Under the model proposed by the parties to the Award, only the general manager would be employed under a standard contract and all other council staff, including senior executives, would be employed under the Award.

The Office of Local Government has issued a discussion paper to seek the views of the broader local government sector on the changes requested by the parties to the Award. This feedback will be used to inform the Government’s position on this issue.

Councils are invited to make submissions indicating whether they would support the making of the legislative amendments requested by the parties to the Award set out in the discussion paper.

Send your written submission to:

Post: Locked Bag 3015, NOWRA NSW 2541


Submissions should be labelled ‘senior staff employment’ and marked to the attention of OLG’s Council Governance Team.

Submissions should be made by COB 15 November 2022. .

For more information, please contact the OLG Council Governance Team on (02) 4428 4100 or via email at