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The State plan and other key State and regional plans

NSW 2021 is a plan to make NSW number one. It is a ten-year plan to rebuild the economy, provide quality services, renovate infrastructure, restore government accountability and strengthen our local environment and communities… the NSW government’s strategic business plan, setting priorities for action and guiding resource allocation.” – NSW 2021 State Plan.

The Community Strategic Plan prepared by each council must address social, environmental, economic and civic leadership issues in an integrated manner (addressing the quadruple bottom line). This means identifying some of the broader or big picture issues that might impact on the local community. NSW 2021 sets clear priorities and goals for government action. These may give councils a point of reference for identifying relevant issues for the development of local Community Strategic Plans. Some councils have chosen to directly link the strategic outcome areas in their Community Strategic Plan with goals found in NSW 2021 to clearly explain the connection between State, regional and local planning. All Community Strategic Plans must give due regard to the State Plan.



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