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Monitoring and Evaluating a workforce strategy

It is important to regularly monitor and evaluate Council's workforce strategy to ensure it is appropriate to workforce needs, determine to what extent the strategy is assisting Council to meet the objectives in the Community Strategic Plan for which it is responsible, to deliver Council’s Delivery Program, and establish whether it needs to be updated. The monitoring and evaluation process should also include reviewing and amending strategies where objectives are not being achieved or where changes affect the set objectives or strategies that have been developed.It is important to plan for and allocate resources for monitoring and evaluation as part of the development of Council's workforce strategy. This is to ensure that relevant data will be available and adequate resources are allocated to collecting and analysing this data.


Monitoring and evaluation should:

  • be based on performance measures identified in the strategy
  • include engagement with internal and external stakeholders
  • provide recommendations and timeframes for improving the strategy
  • include a risk management process to provide flexibility for possible internal or external developments, as well as strategic interventions to address them.


The purpose of risk management is to minimise the impact of risks to Council’s operations. It is prudent to develop or review Council’s risk management process to identify risks to operations earlier and put controls in place to minimise those risks and maximise the likelihood of success. The risk management process should form part of the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Council’s workforce strategy.

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