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Local Government Compliance and Enforcement - IPART Final Report (LG Enforcement) - Feedback form

This feedback form seeks your views on recommendations made by IPART in its Local Government Compliance and Enforcement – IPART Final Report.  This will inform the NSW Government’s response to the recommendations.

Submission deadline

Submissions can be made to the Office of Local Government (OLG) online by 5pm on Friday 15 November 2019.


Recommendations that have been implemented, or do not require feedback 

A number of recommendations in the IPART reports have already been implemented through other reform programs, or are currently the subject of separate consultation.

There are also a number of recommendations that the government has ruled out, because they may have adverse impacts on vulnerable members of the community, affect regional jobs and economies, or substantially increase costs for taxpayers and the broader community.

These matters are marked “Not for consultation” on the feedback form.


Contact information

If you have questions, or wish to provide supplementary information, please contact OLG at:


Postal Address:
IPART – Local Government Compliance and Enforcement Report
Locked Bag 3015
Nowra NSW 2541



Contact Information


*If you are a council officer submitting a personal response, please check the ‘Other’ box above. All responses marked as ‘Council’ will be assumed to be an officially endorsed response on behalf of the council represented.
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