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Backing women to stand for their community

Shelley Hancock – Minister for Local Government

Bronnie Taylor – Minister for Mental Health, Regional Youth and Women

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Ten inspirational former and current female councillors are spearheading a new promotional campaign to encourage more women to stand for their community at the next local government elections.

Minister for Local Government Shelley Hancock and Minister for Women Bronnie Taylor today launched a campaign to increase the number of female councillors serving on the State’s 128 councils.

“Currently, women represent just 31 per cent of all NSW councillors, which in 2020 is just not good enough,” Mrs Hancock said.

“While we have made steps towards equality in other parts of society, the gender gap in local government is real and we can do better.

“To inspire a new generation of leaders, we’ve called on ten prominent women to share their passion for local government and encourage more women to make a difference to their community and run for council at the September 4 2021 elections. We’ve also secured $100,000 for a series of workshops and programs for potential female candidates.”

The video campaign features former and current female councillors including Lucy Turnbull, Clover Moore, Linda Scott, Marianne Saliba, Katrina Humphries and Kristy McBain speaking about their positive experiences and achievements in local government.

“Strong, effective councils are those that reflect the diverse communities they serve and represent, which is why we must do all we can to increase female representation,” Mrs Taylor said.

“You don’t need any formal qualifications to stand for election – all you need is a strong will and a desire to make a difference in your local community.”

The NSW Government has partnered with Women for Election Australia to run a series of workshops to equip aspiring candidates to stand for election at the 2021 elections.

Women for Election Australia CEO Licia Heath said a combination of face-to-face workshops and online webinars, will help address the barriers women face when they run for office.

“In particular, we’ll be focusing on running our workshops in regional NSW to encourage women, who are doing so much out in their community already, to consider doing that same work but as an elected member of their local council instead,” Ms Heath said.

“Local government is a wonderful place to start your political career and is a role that provides an opportunity to do great things for your community.”
More information about the Election of Women to Local Government campaign including the videos can be found on the Office of Local Government website.

Workshop details can be found on Women for Election Australia’s website.

MEDIA: Nicholas Story | Minister Hancock | 0438 255 020
Richard Shute | Minister Taylor | 0409 394 232

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