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Central Coast Council interim administrator’s final report

Shelley Hancock – Minister for Local Government

Thursday, 15 April 2021

The NSW Government has received the Central Coast Council interim administrator’s final report and will now carefully examine its findings and recommendations.

Dick Persson AM and Rik Hart have implemented a comprehensive recovery strategy, appointed a new experienced general manager, developed a new Long-Term Financial Plan and provided a roadmap to restore financial sustainability and community confidence in the council.

I wish to thank both Mr Persson AM and Mr Hart for their hard work, dedication and commitment in their roles in these very challenging circumstances.

The local community has a right to feel anger and frustration at the gross mismanagement that led to the financial collapse and the extent to which they have been let down by their council; but now is the time for healing.

The interim administrator’s findings show that the amalgamation itself did not cause the financial crisis. Instead, he cited a failure by the elected body of the council and former general manager to continue to identify efficiencies and invest these savings into improved service delivery for the local community.

I will now determine the future of the council taking into consideration the interim administrator’s final report, his two earlier reports, the views of the local community and advice from the Office of Local Government.

To ensure stability for the community I will announce my decision prior to the expiration of the current interim administrator’s term on April 29.

The NSW Government is committed to ensuring that Central Coast residents have a council that is serving their best interests.

The interim administrator’s final report can be accessed here.

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