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Council meetings go live

Gabrielle Upton Minister for Local Government

Friday 16 November 2018

NSW’s local council meetings will be webcast under the new Model Code of Meeting Practice released today.

“If it’s good enough for federal and state MPs to go live to the nation, then there is no reason why local councillors should be exempt,” Local Government Minister Gabrielle Upton said.

“The reality is that residents and ratepayers who want to know what is going on at their council can get online and be informed.

“In 12 months it will be mandatory for all councils in NSW to webcast their meetings to ensure everybody can benefit from this initiative,” she said.

“Some councils are already doing this and I encourage the others to show they are proud of their meetings and want as many of their residents to be able to follow their decision making processes.”

The new Model Code of Meeting Practice is the first uniform set of meeting rules for NSW councils.
“The code includes optional time limits on meetings, a five-minute limit on councillor speeches, uniform rules of debate, and limits on mayoral minutes.

“There have been too many instances where Mayoral Minutes have been used to bring issues to the council without proper notice,” Ms Upton said.

Councils are also encouraged to hold public forums before ordinary meetings so residents can address the council as well as pre-meeting briefings for councillors where general managers outline business agenda items so they can make informed decisions.

“From now on, meetings will be more transparent, informed, inclusive and respectful,” she said.
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