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Making life easier for pet owners

Shelley Hancock – Minister for Local Government

Victor Dominello – Minister for Digital, Minister for Customer Service

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Dog and cat owners across NSW are set to benefit from a revamped NSW Pet Registry with a $2 million rebuild of the online platform to enhance functionality and improve the user experience.

Minister for Local Government Shelley Hancock and Minister for Digital and Customer Service Victor Dominello said the Government is building a new Pet Registry to improve registration and microchipping features based upon feedback from pet owners, animal welfare organisations, councils, and other key stakeholders.

“The Registry allows pet owners to register cats and dogs, update their contact details, report missing pets, transfer ownership and pay lifetime registration fees all from a computer or mobile device,” Mrs Hancock said.

“It is a requirement in NSW for cats and dogs to be registered by the time they are six months old. They must first be microchipped and preferably desexed.

“Microchipping, registering and desexing your cat or dog is a crucial part of being a responsible pet owner and helps to reduce straying, aggression, fighting and antisocial behavior as well as added health benefits for your animal.

“Registering your cat or dog for a one-off lifetime fee and creating an online pet profile on the NSW Pet Registry gives you the best possible chance of having your beloved animal returned if it goes missing.

“Pet registration fees go directly to the Companion Animals Fund which pays for companion animal management by local councils including pounds/shelters, ranger services, dog recreation areas, and education and awareness programs.

“The fund is also used by the State Government to operate the NSW Pet Registry and carry out responsible pet ownership initiatives.”

Mr Dominello said the funding comes from the Digital Restart Fund, which invests in key digital transformation projects across the State.

“With the digital landscape evolving faster than ever, the time is right to take stock of how the Registry is serving the State’s pet owners and see how we can improve such an important component of responsible pet ownership,” Mr Dominello said.

“Pets bring joy to so many people’s lives but the current customer experience is poor and this funding will put pet owners at the centre of the process.

“From there the project will be geared towards streamlining microchipping and registration on the site, based upon stakeholder feedback on how the process can be made more pet owner friendly.”

The development of a new Pet Registry aligns with the Premier’s Priority of “Government Made Easy”, enhancing the way government interacts with customers, saving people time and improving the customer experience.
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