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Certainty for Central Coast Council poll

Wendy Tuckerman – Minister for Local Government
Adam Crouch – Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast

Wednesday, 1 June 2022

Central Coast ratepayers will have renewed confidence and certainty, with elections for Central Coast Council to take place when the next ordinary local government elections are held across the state.

Minister for Local Government Wendy Tuckerman confirmed 14 September 2024 as the date for the next elections to be conducted for the Central Coast Council.  This comes after councillors were dismissed in March following the release of recommendations from the public inquiry into the organisation.

“By having the election fall into line with the next round of local government elections ensures that Council and ratepayers are not burdened with the substantial of cost of holding two elections in a relatively short period,” Mrs Tuckerman said.

“The recovery at Central Coast Council is well under way, but it’s critical we allow the Administrator and General Manager time to complete the reforms necessary to ensure the ongoing sustainability of the council.”

“Keeping an Administrator in place until the next local government elections in 2024 will provide stability for residents and enable the council to address the recommendations from the public inquiry, before councillors return.”

Commissioner Roslyn McCulloch made eight recommendations following the public inquiry into Central Coast Council including recommendations to vacate all civic offices and extend the term of the Administrator, implemented immediately.

The remaining recommendations are supported in-principle, noting some are to be implemented by the council and others would require legislative change.

Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast Adam Crouch said the decision to remain in Administration until 2024 will benefit local residents.

“The people of the Central Coast are telling me their key concern is having a functioning, sustainable council that’s servicing their needs effectively,” Mr Crouch said.

“We don’t want to return to the bad old days of the previous council, and taking this extra time to put important processes and protections in place will ensure that doesn’t happen, while also sparing ratepayers the cost and inconvenience of holding two elections in just over two years.”

A full list of recommendations from the public inquiry into Central Coast Council and a copy of the Commissioner’s report is available here.

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