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Councils recognised during Local Government Week for stepping up to the challenge

Shelley Hancock – Minister for Local Government

Monday, 3 August 2020

Local Government Week is a time to acknowledge the significant role councils are playing to support communities across the State to recover from the drought, bushfires and COVID-19, Minister for Local Government Shelley Hancock said today.

“Our communities are facing some of the most difficult times in the modern era and our local councils have once again stepped up to the challenge,” Mrs Hancock said.
“During the bushfire crisis, local councils operated evacuation centres, co-ordinated the distribution of donated goods and services, carried out emergency bushfire response works, and repaired and rebuilt community infrastructure.

“Councils have also been vital in responding to COVID-19, retraining and redeploying staff to minimise job losses and maintaining essential community facilities and services in the face of significant restrictions and financial distress.

“They have also provided financial relief for residents and businesses by deferring rates, providing rate rebates, waiving fees and interest, reducing rents, offering grants and making donations.

“I urge everybody to take a moment during Local Government Week to recognise the critical role your local council is playing to support your community during these trying times.”

The theme of Local Government Week this year is Councils Do, highlighting the significant work councils do in their communities and the wide variety of services they provide including libraries, roads, waste collection, footpaths, parks, pools and animal shelters.

Local Government Week 2020 runs from August 3-9. The highlight of celebrations is the presentation of the Local Government Week Awards on August 6 to recognise the best and brightest in NSW councils.

The Office of Local Government has published council success stories on its website to recognise the efforts of the local government sector during the pandemic.

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Fast facts on NSW councils (2018-19)

  • There are 128 councils in NSW represented by 1,293 councillors
  • Collectively they employ 48,108 staff
  • NSW councils spend $12.6 billion providing infrastructure, facilities and services for local communities
  • They maintain 166,904km of roads
  • Councils control assets with a total value of $153.7 billion
  • There are 458 public pools and 1,796 community halls in NSW
  • Councils manage 93,614ha of open space and approve 63,420 development applications.