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New Councillors Poised To Take Up Civic Office

Wendy Tuckerman – Minister for Local Government

Thursday, 23 December 2021

Minister for Local Government Wendy Tuckerman today congratulated the newly elected councillors and mayors across NSW, saying they now have a great opportunity to help create a vibrant future for the communities that supported them.

The newly appointed Minister said that 1,259 new councillors, including 35 popularly elected mayors, will be taking up their positions at 124 local councils following the declaration of polls this week.

“I congratulate all the elected candidates for successfully earning the trust of their local residents to be their community leaders for the next three years,” Ms Tuckerman said.

“As a former Councillor, Mayor and Administrator for 17 years, I am only too aware of what is required to do a good job at the level of government closest to the community.

“Councillors are expected to represent the views of the community, make decisions in their best interests, demonstrate high standards of conduct, and oversee the running of a significant and complex business.”

Ms Tuckerman said the NSW Government’s campaign to increase diversity on local councils has proven successful.
“While comprehensive statistics on diversity among newly elected councillors are not yet available, we are seeing some great examples of increased female and Aboriginal representation in individual councils,” she said.

“In the previous term, all eight Berrigan Shire councillors were men. This term, though, four women have been elected to represent their community in the southern Riverina.

“Greater diversity will also come to the fore on Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council, where six of the 11 councillors will be women. There were two women in the previous term.

“It’s also wonderful to see Bigambul woman Esma Livermore become the first Aboriginal woman elected to Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council.

“Women will also form the majority on City of Newcastle Council, holding nine out of 13 councillor positions, up from five female representatives in the previous term.

“The number of women on City of Parramatta Council will double this term, increasing from four to eight of the 15 councillors.

“I was also delighted to see Mekayla Cochrane, a 25-year-old Gomeroi woman, elected for the first time to Moree Plains Shire Council. And Bangladesh-born Shibli Chowdhury was elected as a first-term councillor on Dubbo Regional Council.”

Ms Tuckerman said the Office of Local Government (OLG) is providing all newly elected councillors with comprehensive support to ensure they can serve their communities to the best of their abilities.

“The Government is committed to supporting local councils to deliver for their local communities,” Ms Tuckerman said.

“A Post-Election Guide has been provided to councils including information on what’s required in the first few weeks including holding the first council meeting, taking the oath/affirmation of office, and electing a mayor and deputy mayor.

“OLG will also be holding a series of Hit the Ground Running webinars in 2022 to provide essential information to support councillors in serving their community and fulfilling their responsibilities.

“Additionally, OLG has issued an updated edition of the Councillor Handbook to provide councillors with essential information to serve their community and fulfil their civic responsibilities.

“For all new councillors, getting elected was the easy part. The real work starts now to deliver the key services and infrastructure your community expects and deserves.”

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