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Women get set to take local government

Bronnie Taylor – Minister for Mental Health, Regional Youth and Women
Shelley Hancock – Minister for Local Government

Friday, 12 November 2021

With voting for the Local Government elections set to commence in just over a week, women have taken a record leap towards closing the gender divide, representing 41.7 per cent of all candidates.

The NSW Government’s campaign to increase the representation of women at this year’s Local Government elections has also been bolstered by a $2.3 million investment to further support all elected female councillors after the December 4 elections.

Minister for Local Government Shelley Hancock said this funding will ensure that women on council are supported in their new roles and has congratulated all female nominees on their decision to run for their local council, taking positive action to close the gender gap and make their communities a better place to live, work and play.

“It is wonderful to see this significant increase in the number of women standing for election, which sets us on a strong path to boost the number of female councillors serving on local councils across the State,” Mrs Hancock said.

“Currently women represent just 31 per cent of all councillors in NSW and the NSW Government is determined to ensure we do all we can to support greater female participation in our local councils.”

Mrs Hancock said the extra funding will help provide leadership modules, toolkits and workshops for all elected female councillors to ensure they are supported in their new roles.

“This funding will also be used to provide support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and young people elected to council to ensure new councillors from underrepresented groups are better supported,” Mrs Hancock said.

Minister for Women Bronnie Taylor, said she was thrilled to see more women putting their hand up for election.
“December 4 represents a red-letter day for taking further steps towards equality in councils across the State particularly in rural and regional NSW,” Mrs Taylor said.

“It is wonderful to see a record 41.7 per cent of candidates this year are women which is a 4.2 per cent increase on the 2016-17 elections and a 6.2 per cent increase on the 2012 poll.”

“Women already make a tremendous contribution to local communities across the State and we now have a great opportunity to bring more female representatives just like them to local government in NSW.”

The NSW Electoral Commission has confirmed that women represent 41.7 per cent of the 3,864 candidates standing at the December 4 elections.

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