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Women zoom to the nomination finish line

Shelley Hancock – Minister for Local Government
Bronnie Taylor – Minister for Mental Health, Regional Youth and Women

Sunday, 31 October 2021

Women considering a run for the local government elections have come together for motivation, insight and answers to pressing questions just days before nominations close.

In a united show of support, Minister for Local Government Shelley Hancock and Minister for Women Bronnie Taylor joined with Women for Election Australia (WFEA) CEO Licia Heath to reach out, inspire and spur on the crowd to candidacy.

The NSW Local Government Elections 2021 Support Webinar was hosted by WFEA on Friday, with former Mayor Ruth McGowan OAM and two NSW Electoral Commission representatives on hand answering questions in a free-flowing forum.

Mrs Hancock commended the passionate group of all political persuasions for stepping up.

“With just three days until nominations close, I want to wish all the webinar attendees and any woman preparing a run for local government all the best,” Mrs Hancock said.

“By putting your hand up to offer a female voice for your community, you are already championing the cause to close the gender divide.”

Minister Hancock also thanked Ms Heath for coordinating the successful online event.

“Licia’s tireless efforts to encourage more women to get their name on the ballot paper in their local community, and bring her experience to the table, is inspiring real change,” Mrs Hancock said.

“It was a wonderful event to be a part of as we enter this final stretch.”

Mrs Taylor said the NSW Government is continuing to work hard to empower more women to stand for election and she is looking forward to seeing a wave of new female candidates.

“I can’t wait to see women all over NSW stepping up and making sure as many female voices as possible will be heard at all levels of government,” Mrs Taylor said.

NSW Electoral Commission representatives fielded questions about the modified rules in place for the first time due to COVID health concerns.

Many questions put to the Minister, WFEA and the Electoral Commission related to the newly modified rules to ensure elections are COVID-safe, pressing issues for local communities, councillor behaviour and expectations and election materials.

Ms Heath said holding the webinar via zoom allowed for an interactive discussion between all involved.

“It provided a fantastic opportunity for women to ask Minister Hancock and the NSW Electoral Commission any pressing questions directly,” Ms Heath said.

“I’m thrilled the feedback showed we have been able to support the delegates and nominees to cross that final hurdle, and get their nominations in.”

Nominations for the Local Government elections close at midday on Tuesday, November 3.

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