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09-08 Companion Animals Amendment (Reporting Dog Attacks) Regulation 2009

Date: Thursday 19th February 2009
Category: Council Circular

The Governor of NSW has approved the Companion Animals Amendment (Reporting Dog Attacks) Regulation 2009, which will commence upon publication in the Government Gazette, which is expected to occur on 20 February 2009.

This Regulation amends the Companion Animals Regulation 2008 to require councils to report any relevant information about dog attacks using the Companion Animals Register within 72 hours of receiving the information (clause 33A). This includes the initial notification of an attack and also any additional information council receives in the course of investigating or monitoring an attack incident.

The commencement of this Regulation supersedes the Direction to councils from the Minister for Local Government under section 429 of the Local Government Act 1993. Read more...

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