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09-42 Ministerial Approval For Special Rate Variations To General Income And Minimum Amounts Above The Statutory Limit - 2010/11

Date: Friday 18th December 2009
Category: Council Circular

The Local Government Act 1993 provides councils with the option to seek the approval of the Minister for Local Government for a special variation to increase general income in 2010/11 above the statutory limit. The Act further provides councils with the option to seek the Minister’s approval to increase minimum ordinary rates and minimum special rates above the statutory limit.

For 2010/11, the Division of Local Government has put in place a range of new application processes and procedures. In particular, applications to increase minimum amounts above the statutory limits are now the subject of a separate application process. Councils will not be permitted, as part of a special rate variation, to alter the relative rating burden between those paying the minimum rate and other ratepayers. Read more...

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