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10-15 Companion Animals Amendment (Outdoor Dining Areas) Act 2010 - Commencement

Date: Friday 2nd July 2010
Category: Council Circular

The Companion Animals Amendment (Outdoor Dining Areas) Act 2010 was assented to by the Governor on 15 June 2010 and commenced on and from that date. New section 14A in the Companion Animals Act 1998 (the CA Act) provides that dogs are allowed in outdoor dining areas in certain circumstances.

The amendments allow dogs in outdoor dining areas that are generally provided on public footways that use temporary infrastructure to delineate the area. The amendments only apply to human food consumption areas. The prohibition from dogs being in food preparation areas remains.

The amendments enable people to enjoy a coffee or meal without having to leave their dog at home. The changes balance the convenience of having pets in cafes with the protection of public health and safety. The amendments allow café and restaurant operators to make the decision whether or not to allow dogs to enter their outdoor dining area. Read more...

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