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10-16 Amendment to the Local Government 1993 - Partial Rates Exemptions for Religious Bodies, Charities and Public Benevolent In

Date: Tuesday 6th July 2010
Category: Council Circular

The object of the amendment is to enable the separate valuation of parts of a parcel of land owned by a religious body, public benevolent institution or public charity that is used partly in a manner that is exempt from rating and partly in a manner that is not exempt from rating if rates are to be levied on the non-exempt part.

In doing so, the amendment strengthens the exemptions from general rates that apply for religious bodies, public benevolent institutions and public charities and ensures that land owned by a religious body, benevolent institution or charity is afforded a rate exemption to the full extent envisaged under the Local Government Act.

In addition, it ensures a consistent approach between councils and clarifies that those councils that are currently applying a partial rate exemption are complying with the legislation. Read more...

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