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17-15 Release of Discussion Paper - Review of Companion Animals Regulation 2008

Date: Monday 19th June 2017
Category: Council Circular

Circular Details

Circular No 17-15 / 19 June 2017 / A540988

Previous Circular

08/21 Companion Animals Regulation 1999 Review – Public Consultation 

Who should read this

General Managers / Environment Protection / Rangers


Policy Team / 02 4428 4100 /

Action required

Information / Response to OLG

PDF Version of Circular

17-15 Release of Discussion Paper - Review of Companion Animals Regulation 2008


What’s new or changing

  • The NSW Government is undertaking a statutory review to remake the Companion Animals Regulation 2008 (the Regulation) prior to its automatic repeal on 1 September 2018.
  • Two separate consultations are being undertaken as part of the review. A Discussion Paper about the Regulation has been released for public comment, marking the start of the review.


What this will mean for your council

  • Councils are invited to comment on key focus areas in the Discussion Paper.
  • The Regulation review will look for opportunities to reduce unnecessary cost and red tape for pet owners and local councils and to build a stronger regulatory framework that promotes responsible pet ownership.
  • It is anticipated that a new Regulation will commence from June 2018.


Key points

  • A Discussion Paper has been released to begin a statutory review of the Regulation.
  • The Regulation supports the Companion Animals Act 1998 by providing key details about how companion animals are identified, registered and managed in each local government area.
  • The Regulation is being reviewed to ensure it is effective in promoting responsible pet ownership in NSW.
  • Feedback to this Discussion Paper will be taken into account in preparing a draft Regulation which, together with a Regulatory Impact Statement, will be subject to further consultation later this year.
  • Submissions are due by close of business on Wednesday 19 July 2017.


Where to go for further information

  • A link to the Discussion Paper and survey can be found on the OLG website at
  • For further information, contact OLG’s Policy Team on 02 4428 4100 or by email at


Tim Hurst

Acting Chief Executive

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