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Griffith councillor reprimanded over pecuniary interest disclosure breaches

Date: Tuesday 6th March 2018
Category: Media Release

The Office of Local Government (OLG) has welcomed a decision by the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) today to formally reprimand a Griffith councillor for breaches of pecuniary interest disclosure laws.
Councillor Mike Neville has also had payment of his council allowance suspended for two months for failing to disclose a pecuniary interest in a family business over an extensive period.
NCAT accepted that Councillor Neville did not draw any financial benefit from MGN Business Services Pty Ltd and that the breach of pecuniary interest disclosure laws was unintentional.
In his decision, NCAT Principal Member Titterton said: “I consider that, in all the circumstances, including his lengthy period as an elected councillor, and the almost equally lengthy period in which he failed to make timely and accurate declarations of his pecuniary interests, that something more than a reprimand is called for. Were it not for the fact that he made no personal gain from the failure, and has apologised, I would also have suspended his right to payment for a period of six months.”
OLG Acting Chief Executive Tim Hurst said the case was a warning to all councillors in NSW that they must meet their legislative obligations in declaring any pecuniary interests. Read more...

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