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Pet register analysis reveals 'top dog' in NSW

Date: Saturday 25th November 2017
Category: Ministerial Media Release

It’s been a dogged climb to the top but the loveable Labrador has collared the title of being ‘top dog’ in NSW.
Minister for Local Government Gabrielle Upton said an analysis of dog registrations on the NSW Companion Animals Register for 2016-17 had officially revealed Labrador Retrievers as the most popular canine in the state.
Ms Upton said Labrador Retrievers head the table with 114,088 registrations in NSW, followed by Staffordshire Bull Terriers in second place with 112,292 and the lively Jack Russell Terriers in third spot with 90,610 registrations.
Making up the top 10 breeds on the register are: Border Collie (80,344), German Shepherd (69,710), Maltese Terrier (68,158), Australian Kelpie (60,691), Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (43,269), American Staffordshire Terrier (40,669), and Rottweiler (40,267).
The NSW Companion Animals Register analysis also revealed the top 10 local government areas for total dog numbers (see table), with Central Coast Council taking out top spot with 117,458 canines.
Ms Upton said the loveable and affable dogs are one of her favourite breeds.
“They are wonderful dogs,” she said.
“But all dogs are wonderful in the eyes of their owners. They all mean something special to a person and to a family.”
More than 49,000 owners have created an account to record their ownership of animals using the new online registry since it was made available in July 2016.
The new portal enables pet owners and breeders to update their contact details, transfer pet ownership and pay their lifetime registration online.
Ms Upton praised pet owners for taking a responsible approach by ensuring their details are correctly recorded.
“The chances of lost pets being reunited with their owners are now much better if their owners have taken the opportunity to ensure their pets are registered,” she said.
Having a loved dog or cat go missing is a traumatic moment for any family. The NSW Pet Registry can help ensure that people are promptly notified if a lost animal is found. The NSW Pet Registry’s popularity resulted in 5,467 animals being returned to their owners in 2015-16 without being taken to a pound. Read more...

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