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Amanda Colbey 2014

Amanda Colbey, Lake Macquarie City Council

Amanda is the Director Operations at Lake Macquarie City Council’s depot with responsibility of 500 staff. Amanda has worked in local government for 17 years with the last seven years at Lake Macquarie.

Amanda has always worked in traditionally male dominated areas such as wholesale garden centres, open space, parks and gardens and operations.

Amanda is in charge of the Mechanical Depot and Supply section which provides services and support to internal customers by providing vehicles, plant management and maintenance services, mechanical workshop, engineering fabrication services and supply store services, procurement support services and Works Depot facilities.

Amanda is also responsible for Civilake, the largest department in the Council, which provides a wide range of engineering construction and maintenance of Council’s public infrastructure, construction, waste management and recycling, horticultural and building trades services, not only to Council but also to external customers such as Roads and Maritime Services.

Amanda is responsible for domestic and commercial waste collections and disposal, beach cleaning and management of the Awaba land fill site.

Amanda created an initiative called “Out and About with Amanda”. This initiative involves Amanda wearing full personal protection equipment and spending half a day on the job as the “new apprentice”. Amanda has experienced approximately 35 different roles allowing her hands on experience which provides her with a strong appreciation of the work her teams undertake each day to deliver on the community’s expectations and maintains the city’s amenities to a high standard.

Amanda is a strong advocate of developing authentic human connections and relationships that engage people at an emotional level.

Amanda’s individual leadership style focuses on successful human connections being a result of an individual’s choice – they can’t be demanded, coerced or forced but rather must be invited, inspired and supported.

Amanda was nominated by Mr Greg Piper MP, Member for Lake Macquarie

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