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Robyn Cooper 2014

Robyn Cooper, Wollondilly Shire Council

In her role as Manager Compliance, Administration and Building, Wollondilly Shire Council, Robyn has been integral in improving council processes including, the selection and introduction of a new organisational-wide software program, project managing the implementation of the new housing code and most recently leading cultural change within the planning and building teams.

Robyn has also been instrumental in achieving cultural change within the operations of Council’s animal shelter. By building and fostering positive relationships with animal rescue groups and creating socialisation opportunities for unwanted dogs, Robyn’s work has contributed to the reduction in the euthanasia rate and greatly improving the outcomes for cats and dogs entering Council’s animal shelter.

Robyn’s resilience, resourceful leadership, and her advancement though further study has inspired a number of younger employees to seek development opportunities by undertaking further education. Robyn’s ability to relate to young people, the elderly, the disadvantaged and people from various social and academic backgrounds is also a skill admired by her colleagues. Most recently, Robyn has successfully facilitated the integration of a female employee with impaired hearing into the administration team.

In particular, Robyn has mentored and enabled women employed in administration roles to move into traditional male roles including Rangers, Building Surveyors, Environmental Health Officers and Development Assessment Planners.

Robyn has also been involved in negotiating improvements for facilities at the animal shelter to accommodate pregnant women and to attract more women volunteers. She has also negotiated suitable work/life balance arrangements for women returning to work after family related leave or for those women preparing for retirement.

Robyn was nominated by Mr David Smith, Acting Deputy General Manager of Wollondilly Shire Council

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