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Sima Truuvert 2014

Sima Truuvert, Randwick City Council

Sima has been employed in senior management at Randwick City Council for 15 years. Sima leads the Council’s community development programs which focus on community events such as the Spot film festival and Walk of Fame, Bali memorial ceremony, Coogee Christmas carols and Coogee New Year’s Eve fireworks, as well as specialised events for seniors, multicultural groups, music and art appreciation including a special women’s art event, an Eco Living Fair, busking, sports and many other activities that promote community and cultural inclusion and enjoyment.

Sima leads Council seminars on current issues and business excellence measures such as the integrated planning, budget and reporting framework that provides a model for other councils. She currently leads a multi-disciplinary team which successfully advocated for light rail and is now working with the NSW Government to optimise the project benefits for Randwick City Council.

Sima has helped establish a Leadership Development Program which encourages women to enhance their capabilities to move into leadership roles.

Sima was nominated by Mr Bruce Notley-Smith MP, Member for Coogee

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