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Pets in public places

Your dog must, unless it is exempt from this requirement, be under the effective control of a competent person at all times when out in public. This means that it must be on a leash and under the control of someone capable of restraining it. A small child, for example, may not be able to control a large dog. Under these circumstances, an adult capable of restraining the dog, should walk the dog.

A dog is not considered to be under the effective control of a competent person if the person has more than 4 dogs under his or her control.

If you fail to comply with this requirement, you, or if you are not present, the person in control of your dog, if s/he is aged 16 or over, may be liable for a maximum penalty of $1,100 or $11,000 in the case of a restricted dog, dangerous or menacing dog.

This requirement does not apply to a dog:

  • in an off-leash area (but only if the total number of dogs of which its owner has control does not exceed 4) or
  • a dog engaged in droving, tending or working of stock or
  • a dog being exhibited for show purposes or
  • a dog participating in an obedience class, trial or exhibition or
  • a police dog or
  • a corrective services dog or
  • a dog secured in a cage or vehicle or tethered to a fixed object or structure.

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