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Council inspections

In NSW, local councils are required to:

  1. develop and implement a swimming pool barrier inspection program in consultation with their communities.
  2. report annually on the number of pool inspections undertaken and the level of compliance with the requirements.
  3. inspect pools associated with tourist and visitor accommodation and multi-occupancy developments at three-year intervals.
  4. at the request of a pool owner, inspect a swimming pool or spa pool prior to sale or lease of the property.
  5. issue either a certificate of compliance or non-compliance after an inspection. Certificates of compliance are valid for three years.

A swimming pool which is subject to an occupation certificate is exempt from an inspection program for three years from the date of issue of the occupation certificate.

Councils may inspect any swimming pool that is the subject of a complaint to the council. Council powers of entry will be consistent with the NSW Local Government Act.

Councils may charge a fee for each inspection undertaken (up to a maximum of $150 for the first inspection and $100 for one re-inspection resulting from the first inspection).

More information about local swimming pool inspections should be sought from the relevant local council.

If you are a council inspector, click here to go to our Swimming Pool Register user guidelines.


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