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Portable and inflatable swimming pools

Young children are in danger of drowning in all pools, even those with very shallow water. It is therefore crucial that young children are supervised at all times in and around portable and inflatable pools.

When not being used, inflatable and portable pools should be emptied and stored safely away from young children.

Portable and inflatable pools capable of being filled to a depth of 300mm or more are required by law to be surrounded by a swimming pool safety barrier.

All portable swimming pools are covered by a mandatory Standard: Consumer Goods (Portable Swimming Pools) Safety Standard 2013. Under this Standard, portable swimming pools and their packaging must carry warning messages to remind purchasers, pool owners, parents and others of their safety obligations in and around these pools. More information can be found from Product Safety Australia.

Other guidelines on portable and inflatable pools is available from NSW Fair Trading, including:

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