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Categories of complaints

We categorise complaints according to the subject matter of the allegations. This enables us to monitor not only complaint numbers, but also trends in the areas of council operations that give rise to the greatest level of concern.

Complaints are about issues such as:

  • land use planning – these include complaints from applicants for development consent and from objectors, and complaints about rezoning issues
  • misconduct by councils – includes allegations of breaches of the council’s code of conduct
  • council governance issues – including issues about public land management and the conduct of council meetings
  • enforcement and regulatory powers – these are complaints that a council is not enforcing development consent conditions, or not acting on evidence of development carried out without consent
  • mismanagement and maladministration – including complaints about council’s performance including employment practices and calls for dismissal
  • financial management – including rating, charges, budget issues and decisions on allocation of council funding
  • complaints about operational services – including engineering services, environmental services and community services
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