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TCorp Financial Assessments

New South Wales Treasury Corporation (known as TCorp) is the central borrowing authority for the State of New South Wales. TCorp's principal objective is to provide financial services for, or for the benefit of, the NSW government and NSW public authorities. In addition, TCorp is a manager of asset and liability portfolios on behalf of clients, providing financial risk management and investment management services to the NSW Government and its constituent businesses.

In December 2011, the Office of Local Government appointed TCorp to undertake a financial assessment for each council seeking assistance under the Local Infrastructure Renewal Scheme.

Following the announcement by the Minister for Local Government in March 2012 of the establishment of the Independent Local Government Review Panel, the scope of TCorp's work was expanded to include a financial sustainability and benchmarking assessment of all 152 NSW general purpose councils.

This report represents the first time a comprehensive, independent analysis has been undertaken into the financial sustainability of every council in NSW. TCorp's analysis has been conducted through a very rigorous process, working closely with each council to arrive at its findings.


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