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Destination 2036

The journey towards stronger, more sustainable local government began in late 2011 when councils from throughout NSW came together for Destination 2036 to discuss their long-term future.

The gathering considered how communities, economies and technologies might change over the next 25 years and how the local government sector might change to meet these challenges. To help prepare for the event, the Office of Local Government commissioned a discussion paper, drawing together the latest ideas and research into local government issues. Click on the links to download a copy of the discussion paper and the Chief Executive’s personal message to councils about Destination 2036.

Over the two-day event, local government representatives, senior officers from the Office of Local Government and other State agencies worked together to produce a Vision for Local Government and  an Action Plan to guide the process of change. This led to the Independent Review of Local Government, and a review of the Local Government Act. D2036 also began discussions which led to the establishment of a new Inter-governmental agreement between Local and State Governments. Click here to download the Action Plan.

Since Destination 2036, representatives of the local government sector, including LGNSW and LGMA have been working through the Action Plan tasks and the Independent Local Government Review Panel and the Local Government Acts Taskforce have presented their final recommendations for local government reform.

The latest update on progress on the Action Plan tasks can be found here.

The final recommendations of the Independent Panel and the Acts Taskforce can be found here.

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