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Conduct of the Local Government Acts Taskforce

In undertaking its work the Taskforce consulted with the wider NSW community and with local government stakeholders including Local Government NSW (formerly the Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW), Local Government Managers Australia, local councils, county councils, regional organisations of councils, businesses, community, industrial and employee associations, relevant professional bodies and government agencies.

Stakeholders were also able to contribute to the Acts Review by attending workshops and making written submissions.

Stages of the Act Review

The Taskforce undertook its work in three key stages as follows:


Stage 1 – Preliminary Ideas Paper – Release and Consultation

Acts Review - Stage 1

October to December 2012
Release of a Preliminary Ideas Paper posing threshold questions and issues relevant to the Acts Review.

Release of the Preliminary Ideas Paper was followed by a series of workshops for councillors and council staff and a call for submissions from any interested persons on the questions and issues raised in the Preliminary Ideas Paper.


Stage 2 – Discussion Paper – Release and Consultation

Acts Review - Stage 2

April to June 2013
A detailed discussion paper “A New Local Government Act for NSW” was released in April 2013 consolidating and building on the outcomes of Stage 1. This was followed by a series of workshops held across NSW in May 2013. The workshops were open to any interested person. Written submissions were also invited.


Stage 3 – Final Report to the Minister for Local Government

Acts Review - Stage 3

October 2013
A final report was prepared and presented to the Minister for Local Government based on review and analysis of information obtained from research and feedback received from meetings with stakeholders, workshops and written submissions.


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