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Outcomes from Preliminary Ideas Workshops

Between 24 October and 4 December 2012, the Local Government Acts Taskforce held workshops in 14 locations across NSW. The purpose of the workshops was to consult with councillors and council staff (including county councils) on the five questions posed in the LGAT “Preliminary Ideas” paper:

  1. What top 5 principles should underpin the content of the new Local Government Act?
  2. What is currently working well in the Local Government Act and why, and should be retained in the Act?
  3. What is currently working well but should be moved to another Act, regulation, Code or Guideline?
  4. What is not working well (barriers/weaknesses)? Modify or delete?
  5. Should the City of Sydney Act be retained and if so, can it be improved?

To facilitate the free exchange of ideas two workshops were held at each location, one for elected councillors and one for council staff, including county councils, regional organisations of councils and representatives from the Local Government and Shires Associations (LGSA). These initial workshops were focussed on those people who work within the framework of the Local Government Act on an almost daily basis. The Taskforce intends to consult more broadly in 2013.

The workshops attracted 380 participants. The Taskforce is greatly appreciative of the time and effort contributed by those people who were able to attend.

Participants were drawn from 111 local government areas, 5 county councils, 4 regional organisations of councils and the LGSA. The map shows the local government areas from which participants were drawn and the locations of the various workshops.

The Taskforce will be using the information gathered at the workshops to contribute to the development of a discussion paper which the Taskforce intends to release in the first half of 2013.

The workshops included group work and general discussion. Ideas and suggestions for the development of a new Local Government Act were generously and enthusiastically contributed by participants. While a number of themes emerged, suggestions and ideas were diverse and at times conflicting.

Consolidated summaries of feedback received at each venue are available by clicking on the links below. It should be noted that the information contained in these summaries are the suggestions and ideas generated by the participants at the workshops and do not necessarily represent the views of the Taskforce but will be considered by the Taskforce when formulating its position.




24 October 2012


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25 October 2012


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1 November 2012


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7 November 2012


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8 November 2012


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13 November 2012

Port Macquarie

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14 November 2012


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15 November 2012


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20 November 2012


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21 November 2012


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27 November 2012


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28 November 2012

Wagga Wagga

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29 November 2012


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4 December 2012


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