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The review process

Promoting Better Practice Review Process

This involves the completion of a comprehensive self-assessment checklist  by the council and the examination of a range of documents by the review team.

The review team examines local circumstances in order to understand the pressures on the council and how the council has sought to manage within that environment.
A visit to council allows the team to ‘reality check’ what it has found in the material received from the council. The visit is focused on conversations with councillors and council staff on key strategic areas that contribute to the council’s overall health and sustainability. Councillors are provided with the opportunity to complete a survey and/or meet with the review team.
Analysing and reporting
After the visit, the review team prepares a report in collaboration with the council. All review reports are published once the report is tabled by the council.
Implementing and Monitoring

The review report contains an action plan to guide the council in implementing the recommendations of the review.

The council and the Office monitor progress as agreed.


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