Information for Councillors

Local government plays a critical part in the delivery of the most vital services for communities. Residents have put their faith in you to represent their needs at the local level and this is a responsibility you will not take lightly. Being a councillor is a privilege and a wonderful opportunity to make a difference to your community. Although challenging at times, your service will have a profound impact on your local community.

As a councillor you are expected to represent the views of the community while making decisions in their interests, demonstrate conduct that the community expects and deserves, and plan and oversee the running of a significant and complex business. In fulfilling your duties with the integrity expected of an elected official, OLG provide key resources which outline how councillors can meet the wide range of obligations. They will play a strong part in ensuring that you are fully prepared for the role and give the community comfort that it has civic leaders well supported and skilled as they perform their duties.

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