NSW Pet Registry

Councils play a significant role in promoting and overseeing responsible ownership of dogs and cats in their local area.

The NSW Pet Registry is available for cat and dog owners to update their contact details, report their pet missing, transfer ownership and pay most lifetime registration fees online. The NSW Pet Registry can be found at www.petregistry.nsw.gov.au

Council users should continue to use the NSW Pet Registry – Council Portal at: www.petregistry.nsw.gov.au/car

If you want more information about preparing pets for your return to work please refer to this link from RSPCA NSW: https://www.rspcansw.org.au/blog/animal-care-information/life-after-covid-19-preparing-dogs-future/

NSW Pet Registry




Pound and Dog attack Information

Councils are required to report to the Office of Local Government on certain activities associated with animal pounds and shelters they operate, and dog attacks that have occurred within their local area. The collection of this data assists with managing cats and dogs, supporting responsible pet ownership and improving animal welfare standards. Publication of this data helps meet community expectations for the open and transparent operation of pounds and shelters.


Rehoming Practices Review

The Rehoming Practices Review is examining the current rehoming practices and factors driving euthanasia rates.  The Review will be undertaken in consultation with metropolitan, regional and rural councils as well as NSW rehoming organisations, to collect and analyse information to better understand euthanasia rates and trends. It will examine breeding, desexing and rehoming practices and their impacts on euthanasia rates.

The objectives of the Review are to:

  • provide the NSW Government with an overview of the current legislative and policy framework supporting the rehoming of companion animals in NSW and how the NSW framework and outcomes compare to other Australian jurisdictions
  • provide an overview of existing practices and euthanasia rates in NSW council pounds and provide detail of sector challenges and best practice
  • provide recommended strategies to further reduce euthanasia rates, encompassing:
    • possible legislative reform
    • improvements to impounding processes
    • education and capacity building
    • better data collection and reporting.


Further information about the Review is available at: https://www.olg.nsw.gov.au/councils/responsible-pet-ownership/rehoming-practices-review/