Companion Animal Welfare Grants

Improving the welfare of animals is a key priority for the NSW Government.

The NSW Government recognises that Rehoming organisations and charities are vital in supporting the companion animal management activities of councils, often relying on the efforts of volunteers.

As part of this recognition the NSW Government has provided grant funding of up to $5 million which is open to approved animal rehoming organisations and registered charities across NSW to support the services they provide.

Approved animal rehoming organisations and registered charities who provide animal rehoming services in NSW can each apply for up to $100,000 through this competitive grant program.

This funding will make it easier for rehoming organisations and registered charities to continue their work by helping cover costs associated with caring for, and rehoming companion animals.

Approved rehoming organisations and charities who are eligible for funding may submit an application via OLG’s Smartygrants portal.

Companion Animal Care and Rehoming Grant - FAQs

  • What is the Companion Animal Care and Rehoming grant for?

    This grant seeks to support approved companion animal rehoming organisations and eligible charities by assisting them to cover the costs associated with caring for and rehoming companion animals and improve companion animal welfare outcomes across the State.

  • How much funding can an organisation apply for?

    An organisation can apply for up to a maximum of $100 000 funding.


  • What can the funding be used for? What are eligible activities?

    Organisations can utilise the funding for one or more of the below activities:

    • the purchase of equipment such as bedding, crates, leads, etc for the service
    • the upgrade or expansion of rehoming and welfare services for companion animals
    • veterinary treatment, including desexing, microchipping, vaccinations and any other medical treatments
    • the provision of services to deliver training or rehabilitation for a dog or cat
    • the reasonable repair, maintenance or upgrade and/or building new animal care facilities
    • the reasonable operating expenses directly associated with the provision of animal care and rehoming services (e.g. purchase of food, medication, bedding) but excluding workforce payments such as salaries and wages.
  • When do any activities funded under the program need to be completed by?

    All projects funded under this grant program must be completed on or before 30 June 2024.

  • Who is eligible to apply for funding under this grant program?

    Only entities/organisations who meet all of the below criteria are eligible to submit an application. The Office of Local Government (OLG) will review the eligibility of all applications received.

    1. The organisation must be either a currently approved NSW rehoming organisation which has been assessed by OLG, or a NSW registered charity that provide animal rehoming services.
    2. No members, staff or carers of the organisation have ever been charged, convicted or been subject to a penalty notice in respect of an offence against the:
      • Animal Research Act 1985
      • Companion Animals Act 1998
      • Companion Animals Regulation 2018
      • Exhibited Animals Protection Act 1986
      • Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979
    1. No members, staff or carers of the organisation have ever operated a premises where animals have been kept or controlled and been subject to a Council order relating to the care and control of animals.
    2. No members, staff or carers of the organisation have been declared bankrupt within the past ten years or been subject to any other insolvency administration or fraud convictions.
  • I’m an eligible organisation, how do I submit an application?

    Applications from eligible organisations can be submitted via OLG’s Smartygrants portal

    Only applications submitted through SmartyGrants will be considered.

  • What additional information, evidence or documentation should I have on hand to submit in the application?

    Applicants will need to provide the below documentation with their application for it to be accepted by OLG for consideration:

    • Number of animals cared/controlled through the organisations’ facilities in the last 12 months, and estimated number of animals care/controlled through the organisation’s facilities
    • Evidence of financial status of the organisation (2021/22 financial statements and auditor’s opinion)
    • Conflict of Interests disclosure
  • When do eligible organisations need to submit an application by?

    Applications need to be submitted by Monday 24 April, 2023 5.00pm.

    No submissions will be accepted after the closing date. No extensions will be granted.

  • Who should I contact if I am having issues submitting an application?

    For any issues submitting an application or navigating the Smartygrants portal, please contact

  • What outcomes does a proposed funded project/s need to show they will achieve?

    Applicants will need to demonstrate in their application how the project/s contribute to achieving the following outcomes:

    • Reduction of unnecessary euthanasia and increase in successful rehoming of companion animals in NSW; and
    • Support responsible and sustainable delivery of companion animal rehoming services in NSW that represent value for money; and
    • Support existing local councils to deliver positive companion animal welfare outcomes, including complementing existing council services in their local area.
  • How will be applications be assessed?

    All applications will be assessed against the below criteria.

    • Application demonstrates value for money in the use of public funds linked to support companion animal care and rehoming services delivered by approved OLG-accredited rehoming organisations.
    • Organisation has demonstrated capacity/capability to deliver the project/s (if applicable) OR able to deliver the activity for which funding is sought
    • Application demonstrates clear link to program outcomes
    • Organisation has demonstrated compliance with relevant legislation in regard to annual financial reporting and/or has obtained an unqualified auditor’s opinion for the 2021/2022 financial year
    • Availability and proximity to other companion animal rehoming services within the local government area and the region in which the service is located
    • Conflicts of Interest, if any, have been disclosed and can be appropriately managed.
  • When will successful applications be announced?

    All successful applicants will be notified by OLG and published on the NSW Government Grants and Funding Finder no later than 45 calendar days after the individual grant agreements are signed and take effect.

  • How do I contact OLG if I have questions?

    OLG can be emailed at or contact (02) 4428 4100 and ask for Alex Bellamy from the Companion Animal Grants Team.