Local Government Boundaries Commission Review

The NSW Government will undertake an independent statutory review into legislative provisions in the Local Government Act that govern the functions of the Local Government Boundaries Commission.

Recent amendments to the Local Government Act 1993 have created a new role for the Commission in relation to proposals for de-amalgamation.

The review will examine the composition, function and processes of the Commission as established under the Local Government Act 1993. Specific attention will be given to:

  • Chapter 9 Part 3 (Part 3 Local Government Boundaries Commission) and Schedule 2 (Membership and procedure of the Boundaries Commission)
  • The mechanisms by which information and community and stakeholder views can be best provided to the Minister to guide and enhance the decision-making process.
  • Any improved, effective mechanisms for providing advice on and recommendations relating to proposals to the Minister, to ensure best practice and optimum outcomes.

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Further details about the Review and how to make a submission will be made available shortly.